A Museum Underwater? Cancun, Mexico

In Cancun, Mexico, there is a National Marine Park, which is an artificial underwater museum made for coral and marine animals to breed. In the museum, it consisted  over 400 life-size sculptures, which is molded  in pH neutral clay. The clay helps with the marine growth to form an enviroment for many forms of marine life.

Each of these sculptures were made to resemble the members of a local fishing community where Jason DeCaires Taylor lived ( Jason DeCaires Taylor was the man who created these sculptures) and each statue has its own personality and features.

The museum is called “Silent Evolution”. The muesuem has up to 750,000 visitors each year. The total museum installation is over 1,600 sq. feet  and weighs over 120 tons, and  one day the artificial ecosystem will have various fish and mammals which will thrive.



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