Sun City , Africa

Come travel to the Resort of Sun City, in Africa, this resort is 5 star resort and it is great place to have family fun time. There are 4 main parts of the hotel, The Casades, The Cabanas, Palace of the Lost City, and the Sun City Hotel. The best part, I recommend you is the Palace of the Lost City.

The best part of the hotel are the activities and amenities.  They have a beautiful “beach/ pool area” , it’s called the The Valley of the Waves. It is Sun City’s, main attraction which is a water park. If you have children and want to get rid of them for a few hours, you can take them to the Stimela, Camp Kwena, Thula Baba, and The Kowabonga Club

  • The Stimela, is a mini train that travels through the resort’s wildlife preserve, which are for the little ones
  •  Camp Kwena, is also for the little ones, offers a supervised program of entertainment to keep the little ones busy
  • Thula Baba, are the Sun City’s professional baby-sitting service that operates day and night
  • The Kowabonga Club, are for the teens that want to get their boogie on

Now for the adults, they have a a casino with various gambling machines and tables and also, they have a nightclub if you want to bust a move. And if you want to do something as a family, you can go to Sun City Theatre, Moviezone, Kwena Gardens Crocodile Sanctuary.

Sun City is a beautiful place to viimages-7sit and just relax with the family

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