Bizarre Foods From Around the Globe

3 Weird and Strange Looking Foods From Around The Globe 

1. Bird’s Nest Soup is originated in Chinabr

  • Bird’s nest soup is one of the most expensive foods in the world, it ranges from $30 – $100 per bowl. The harvested nests sell for as much as $10,000 because the soup is good for your health, it helps strengthen you immune system and it helps your digestive system.  The bird’s nest soup is made out of bird saliva which has dried and hardened. The pieces of nest are soaked in cold water overnight before they are stewed with chicken stock.

2. Fried Brain Sandwich is originated in the United States6a682c25ce8346bfed5ec3842fc2d4db_600x400

  • Mhmmm yummy..  Fried brain sandwich. This sandwich is from a brain of a cow that has been killed for over 30 months. The brain sandwich is prepared by dipping it in batter, deep frying it, and then putting it between two hamburger buns and there you have it a Fried Brain Sandwich.

3. Escomle is originated in Mexico

  • Escomle is from the giant black Liometopum ant, the larvae is a delicacy in Mexico , they are sometimes referred to “ant caviar” . People from around the globe say that the ant escamoleslarvae, tastes like different flavors like nutty and buttery

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